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I am: An adventurer. A writer. A man of faith, integrity & love. A designer. Stoic. A world traveler. Positive. An artist. An activist. An outdoorsman. A pilot. A husband to Amber & a father to Ruthie, with a fondness for pencils & dirt roads. 

I would like to: Create content that inspires a lifestyle of "GOOD" for both the self and the world. (*And, go on a surf trip to the Maldives.)

I hope to be: Significant in my endeavors. 

The Story Behind The Journal:

"I was in a plane crash today. I am okay, however, I am uncertain my life will recover. As I lay here, trying to sleep in the loud silence of the night, I can't help but feel overwhelmed beyond understanding.

I am comforted by gratitude and I am inspired by those around me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.   

-Adam B. Benton (Nov, 2010)